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Racerhead #38

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Posted: 23rd Sep 2014

Pro SX MX Tech was featured in Racerhead #38 at Racer X Online. For the latest update on the school check out the article below courtesy of Racer X Online.

PRO SX MX TECH (words by Andrew Fredrickson)

If you’ve ever wanted to spin wrenches for a professional rider, there’s a new program in place to put you right there every weekend working on bikes. Pro SX MX Tech is an eight-month education course based out of Morgantown, WV, designed to get you working on the bikes of the best riders in the sport. Chistophe Pourcel’s mechanic from this season, Scott Adkins, is heading up the course. Getting through a year of motocross while winning races without a single DNF is an impressive task for a mechanic, and Adkins did just that in 2014. He’s also won supercross races while working for Ryan Sipes! Speaking with Adkins, we’ve learned that it’s not just learning about fixing up bikes, but more of a program to get you on a race team itself. “When a student shows promise, I would not hesitate to introduce them to Bobby Regan or Mitch Payton,” Adkins said. He still holds many close ties with the Star Racing and Rock River teams, too, and he plans to work with them during his courses to show students exactly how a team operates. And if field trips are your thing, you’re in luck. His plan is to get you under the tent of a team at one Monster Energy Supercross race and two Lucas Oil Pro Motocross races in 2015, to introduce you to the people who might end up hiring you one day. That being said, if you’re looking to learn a thing or two about working on race bikes, check out Spots for the course starting on October 20 are still open. And hey, if you’re in Morgantown, you can check out the Racer X Headquarters too!

To read the full Racerhead #38 article click here.

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